Code Black Coffee is one of the latest cafes to open in Brunswick, and is located just off Sydney Road, behind Barkly Square shopping centre. Not only is Code Black a cafe, but it’s also a roasting house – the roasting equipment ... See full

Despite the surplus of instant gratification in our lives, once in a while it’s nice to be reminded that the oldest adages are often the truest – the best things often do take time, and if something’s worth doing, it’s probably worth doing well ... See full

A new Brunswick warehouse warehousing an honest-to-goodness, no-fooling coffee roastery. Owned by the elusive coffee maven Joseph Haddad of Cafenatics, Code Black is a new entrant to the no-fucking-around ... See full

New northside coffee house-roastery? Yes, another one … but Code Black is a thing apart, with a fitout in high industrial Euro-style: epic amounts of black - tables, walls, the ceiling - relieved only by expanses of polished concrete, rusty steel girders ... See full

When asked to explain the design vision behind Code Black Coffee, lead designer Katherine Kemp’s response is as fuss-free as her client’s brief. "The overall design was to set the stage for a serious no-nonsense approach to coffee ... See full