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This farm has featured in multiple years within Cup of Excellence (2015, 2017) and it's not hard to imagine why. The owners' of this farm; the Borre’ family, have always done things to the utmost highest standard. From their humble family roots of extremely successful potato farming since 1984 to this day, they gradually sought to diversify their crop and begin focussing more on coffee in 2005. Such is their commitment to the coffee industry that not only have they built their own quality control lab, but they have also sought out advice from the most respected professionals in Brazil, Silvio Leite- Founder of the Cup Of Excellence and president of the BSCA.

The plants in the Airuma’ plot are densely planted with a purpose; to maximise competition and lower the fruit production per plant. This results in lower yield but higher quality cherries being produced. Composting also utilises the cascara from processing, and potassium rich potato wastage which is great for coffee trees. 

Coffee from Airuma’ is carefully picked and processed using the ever popular pulped natural method; perfected by the Brazilians. The cherry skin is removed and the parchment covered beans are dried on cement patios over a 24hour period. During this time the coffee is raked at least 20 times. It is then dried even more thoroughly in mechanical dryers over an 18 hour period, and rested for a further 6 hours. This results in an exceptionally consistent product.

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Orange, dried apricot & cashew nuts



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