Brazil – Jhone Milanez Lacerda Lot 2


This is a unique and wonderful experimental lot from Jhone Milanez Lacerda, producer and owner of ‘Sitio Santa Rita’. Since 1896 the Lacerda family have been systematically prMducing quality and excellence on their farm. In 2013 Jhone was inspired by mexican producer Manoel Diaz; an advocate for fermentation, to produce incredible natural processed cup profiles from his coffee. Jhone embarked on an experimental journey that led to the development of his own style of processing which he named the ‘slow natural fermentation process’; unique to Santa Rita Estate.

Unlike most fermentation stages which focus on time, the cherry for this lot has been carefully tracked and controlled to reach a fermentation temperature of 43c. Through meticulous research and development of their recipe and techniques; Jhone determined that it was temperature which was the ultimate factor in determining positive fermentation characteristics. This has led to the fine tuning of every aspect of the process, including development of new measuring technologies on his farm. Through innovation and accurate experimentation Jhone has been able to radically enhance the characteristics of his harvest, and produce outstanding naturally processed Brazilian coffee.

This is just one of the many experimental lots produced by this young, innovative and forward thinking producer.

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Jhone Milanez Lacerda


‘Slow Natural’ Controlled Fermentation


Serra do Caparao




Red Catuai


Milk chocolate, ripe red fruit, banana & hazelnut


Filter, Espresso