Burundi Mbrizi

Burundi – Mbrizi Mwendu


Ramadhan Salum is the managing director of this Wet Mill – Mbirizi where this coffee is processed. Over 2700 coffee farmers from surrounding hills sell their lots here but only 21 of these farmers make up the Coffee Farmers Association.

Cherry is grown and gathered in the hills surrounding the Mbrizi wet mill. Ramadhan’s farm has approximately 7,000 mature bourbon trees, and Bourbon is the main variety found in this area.

Ramadhan will reward farmers for producing only ripe cherry by offering a premium price at the various collection points set up in the region. Competition in this area can be fierce but by keeping his prices consistently high, farmers are financially encouraged to select only premium and ripe cherry.

The Mbrizi wet mill handpicks and floats all coffee before it is pulped and processed. They generally do a 12 hour dry fermentation before it is graded and hand sorted again, then wet fermented for 12 to 16 hours. From here the coffee is moved onto African drying beds and is slowly rotated in the sun for 15-18 days before ideal moisture levels are reached.

The Mbrizi mill was established in early 2014 and has been one of the leading mills in Kayanza in terms of quality ever since.

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Northern Kayanza


1750 – 1900


Bourbon, Jackson


Blackberry, cola & sugarcane