Colombia – Edilma Piedrahita


This lot is named after her maker, Edilma Piedrahita; a female coffee producer in southern Huila. Edilma is the leader of a 30 member producer group called the “Guacheros”. Included in this group is her ‘Cup Of Excellence’ winning brother; Libardo.

The Guacheros members are all based around Bruselas, near Pitalito in Southern Huila. The members have taken it upon themselves to learn how to be the most ecological producers possible through study at the ‘Sena’; a Colombian local government initiative. The compost they use for their plants have a greatly reduced amount of conventional fertilizers and their control against ‘la roya’ is organic only. Edilma has a small amount of bourbon (yellow) and also caturra, alongside some typica and tabi too.

This lot is 100% Caturra. The cherries are floated after being picked to remove overripe and under-ripe cherries. It is then put through a 36-hour fermentation after which the coffee is washed with one single pass using fresh water. This means that some mucilage is left on the cherry when it goes through it’s drying process.

We are very happy to be supporting her once again through our importer partner; in the knowledge that we are investing in an ecologically minded producer.

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Edilma Piedrahita







Sweet lime, sugarcane & lemongrass


Espresso, Filter

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