Colombia – Tres Dragones


At the forefront of innovation sits Producer Rigoberto Herrera of Cafe Granja la Esperanza the producer of this Lot.

Potosi Farm is the first and oldest of the five farms owned by Rigoberto and his brother Luis. They run a family business as third generation coffee producers, with Granja La Esperanza established almost a century ago by their grandparents. This continuation over the years to push boundaries of varietals and experimental processing has produced years of competition winning cup profiles.

Potosi farm was devastated by fire in recent years and this impacted their production heavily. As Granja picked through the ruins they realised this was an opportunity for a clean slate and they were able to design a production line which was more efficient; this is where the “three dragons” flavour profile was born. This name is also a homage to the three gas fired mechanical dryers which are installed at the mill which give ultimate versatility and control when drying and processing their precious harvest.

This lot is subject to 10 hours of fermentation in cherry, then a incredible 120 hours of methodic drying post fermentation. This gives the coffee deep and resonant, ripe red fruit characteristics.

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Cafe Granja La Esperanza







Red currant, honey, raisin and cocoa


Filter, Espresso

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