Colombia – Burila Estate

Colombia – Burila Estate


This is a classic Colombian washed coffee, with rich caramel sweetness, a hint of baking spice with delicious cooked fruit. For us, this is a coffee we could drink all day. It is well balanced, rounded, and distinctive in its cup profile.

Made up of a blend of Colombia and Caturra varietals, this lot concentrates all the main attributes of an excellent washed Colombian coffee. This Burila Estate blend has been fine tuned by the lab at G.L.E. and specifically selected via physical and sensory evaluation to maintain a quality flavour profile. 

La Esperanza and Potosí terroirs holds specially rich volcanic soils due to being located in the elevated, wavy lands of the Colombian western and central mountain ranges. It is a coffee landscape with abundant wildlife.

Café Granja La Esperanza produces its own fertilization resources, 100% free of chemicals. They also produce microbiological controllers to keep strict biological control of plagues and disease on their crops and nurseries.

For this lot, prior to fermentation, the cherries are picked at the precise ripeness to guarantee an optimal level of sugar. The depulping process is done without water after which the coffee is fermented between 19 and 22 hours. Once the coffee has been fully washed, it is mechanically dried. The temperature is closely monitored and is maintained between 35°C and 45°C. This is done until the final moisture is around 10.5%, after which the coffee is rested for stability. 

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Trujillo, Valle del Cauca


1750 – 1800


Caturra, Colombia


Cooked apple, baking spice, caramel & lemon zest


Filter, Espresso