Ecuador Typica Rancho Tio Emilio


Rancho Tio Emilio is a farm owned by José Gaibor, whose brother, Henry, owns and operates the farms and mill at Finca Maputo and nearby Hakuna Matata.

Henry and José’s late father was named Emilio Gaibor and this farm is named in his honor. José is an infant heart surgeon, so he lives in town during the week, while Henry and his wife, Verena, oversee the daily operations of Rancho Tio Emilio, as well as their own land. They produce their coffee in La Perla, Nanegal, Pichincha province; close to the border of Colombia.

Henry is a veteran war-trauma surgeon from Ecuador, and Verena is a war nurse from Switzerland. In 1998, the two of them returned to Henry’s home country of Ecuador, where they managed a clinic in Quito for 13 years before deciding to devote their time, energy, and resources to their new passion; coffee.

The Gaibors grow several different varieties, which are clearly divided and marked on their properties: They grow Typica, Bourbon, SL-28, Sidra, Kaffa, and Caturra. This lot is single varietal Typica, which is well known to be of excellent cup quality with it's cleanliness, sweetness and outstanding acidity.

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