El Salvador Finca San Nicolas Honey


The Pacamara variety is unique to El Salvador, and was discovered by the Pacas family in 1956. 

A blend of the Pacas and Maragogipe varietals, Pacamara produce the largest beans of any variety. 

Finca San Nicolas was founded by Ignacio GutiƩrrez a decade ago, and has grown to over 30 acres in size with around 3,000 trees. The farm lies in the north of El Salvador at 1550+ metres and cherries are harvested between the months of December through February. 

Although GutiƩrrez employs a range of different processes, this particular coffee is honey processed - meaning the cherry is dried with the mucilage still intact. This method is called honey processing because the mucilage is very sweet, giving the roasted bean honey-like qualities. Honey processed coffee undergoes minimal fermentation, and is therefore far less acidic than washed or natural beans.

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Rhubarb, honey, citrus and raisin


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