Autumn Seasonal Blend


This unique and fruit focused combination offers a bright, zesty and structured blend which has elegant citric qualities, and a balanced caramel sweetness 

This very special Brazil component; Fazenda Irmas Pereira, are a pairing of producer sisters who have forged their coffee history over the past 5 decades. Their innovative processing is what drew our attention to their coffees. We were sold on these lots once we tasted cups full of ripe fruit acidity, laid on a backdrop of creamy, caramel sweetness. 

The ‘Amigos Del Huila’ is a portfolio of producers from the Huila region of Colombia. 6 producers make up this lot, and we are proud to be able to offer a regional blender from a small but diverse group of growers. This lot is what contributes most of the bright citric and vibrant components of this blend, which highlight the best qualities of the Huila region. 

60% - Colombia Amigos Del Huila (Washed)

40% - Brazil Fazenda Irmas Pereira (Natural)

In the cup you will find:
Orange, nectarine, caramel, lime and cocoa


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