New Seasonal March

Seasonal Blend


Our Seasonal Blend has always been an opportunity to showcase a constantly evolving selection of great coffees. It is a fruit driven and character focused mix of our season’s best offerings.

This iteration is a 3-part blend, made up of;

40% - Ethiopia Drima Zede
40% - Ethiopia Lomi Tasha
20% - Colombia Buesaco Pequenos

In the cup you will find:

Honey, tangerine, peach & grapefruit
All 3 coffees in this mix have been hand-picked and processed with care, and contribute independently to the overall flavour profile of this blend. Both washed components delivering clarity and structure to the cup, with the natural component contributing body alongside rich, complex sweetness. 

The Colombian component, Buesaco Pequenos is a combination of 5 tiny lots from smallholders in Buesaco, Narino. Cherries are harvested from rich volcanic soil, which are full of nutrients and exposed to an Andean climate. Processing is traditional in the township of Buesaco: picking perfectly ripe cherries, de-pulping often by hand followed by 18 to 20 hour aerobic fermentation in concrete tanks. Drying is also traditional – sun dried on patios. High elevations and cooler climates mean patio drying is sufficiently slow and gentle – 10 to 15 days average.

The Drima Zede and Lomi Tasha both exist under the Levelup range of taste profiles by Ninetyplus. The team at Ninetyplus have focused specifically on taste, consistency and perfect processing to control the outcome of the quality. While most of their processing recipes remain proprietary, we appreciate that the cup profile delivers exactly as expected. Levelup represents the implementation of the innovative coffee farm practices of Ninety Plus at scale. It shows that premiums yielded from a modestly higher price per cup can generate a significantly higher price at the farm capable of enhancing coffee quality, worker quality of life, and the health of the natural environment for specialty coffee production communities.

Additional Information

Ethiopia Lomi Tasha

Washed; Hierloom varietals

Ethiopia Drima Zede

Natural; Heirloom varietals

Colombia Buesaco Pequenos

Washed; Caturra & Colombia

Roast Type