Seasonal Guji Hafursa

Seasonal Blend


This blend is an opportunity to showcase a constantly evolving selection of exceptional coffees and is predominantly a fruit driven and character focused mix of our season’s best offerings.

75% Ethiopia Shakiso Guji Washed

25% Ethiopia Hafursa Natural

In the cup you will find:

Orange, florals, dried cherry & lemongrass with a silky body.

The largest part of this blend; the washed Shakiso Guji, is grown in the Guji Zone of the Sidama region in Southern Ethiopia. Local heirloom varietals are cultivated by a collection of smallholder producers at an altitude of 1900 - 2100 metres. Drier climactic conditions impart a uniqueness in the cup profile when compared with others in neighbouring zones. A washed process highlights this lots’ clean, citrus, stone fruit and tea-like characteristics. 

The complimentary part of our blend is the Hafursa Natural, making up 25% of the total. This coffee was harvested and cultivated near the village of Hafursa from many small scale farms. It is an excellent example of a traditional dried-in-fruit process in the Yirgacheffe region, renowned for floral, and fruit dominant cup profiles. Immense attention to detail is one of the key factors when processing in this method. the whole cherries need to be managed and turned at all times during the day to promote even drying, and prevent over-fermentation. The flavour of this lot is intensified with the long drying period of 15-21 days over which moisture levels are constantly monitored at the Kumulachew washing station. 

These coffees share similar attributes and are cultivated from neighbouring zones in Ethiopia. however their processing and wild genetic properties make for vastly different cup profiles. This is the beauty of Ethiopian coffees, and why we are constantly able to find such diverse characteristics which we believe to compliment perfectly in the cup.


Additional Information

Ethiopia Shakiso Guji

Washed; Hierloom varietals

Ethiopia Hafursa

Natural; Heirloom varietals

Roast Type