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Seasonal blend is an opportunity to showcase a constantly evolving selection of exceptional coffees. This is a fruit driven and character focused blend, which is perfect for espresso

80% Ethiopia Shakiso Guji Washed

20% Colombia La Esperanza Natural

In the cup you will find:

Grape, apricot, almond & white tea

The largest part of this blend is grown in the Guji Zone of the Sidama region in Southern Ethiopia. This component is a local heirloom variety cultivated by a collection of smallholder producers at an altitude of 1900 - 2100 metres above sea level. The drier climatic conditions allow for a slightly different flavour profile compared to the other coffee regions.

The complimentary part of the Seasonal is the La Esperanza, making up 20% of the total blend. What makes this lot so special is that it is a natural processed lot, which is very uncommon in Colombia. This lot is cultivated with a blend of traditional varieties such as Caturra, Colombia, and Castillo and is solar dried for 28 days. The rich volcanic soils where the farm is located is a perfect landscape for production of great coffee. 

This Seasonal blend has a rounded sweetness, and is intensely aromatic. In it, we find the vibrancy of the washed Shakiso to be well balanced by the heavy and sweet cup profile of the naturally processed La Esperanza. This makes for an ideal and delicious pairing.

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Additional Information

Ethiopia Shakiso Guji

Washed; Hierloom varietals

Colombia La Esperanza

Natural; Caturra, Castillo, Colombia

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