Ethiopia Aroresa Filter

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One of our favourite natural coffees, Aroresa originates from Sidamo, Ethiopia. A renowned coffee region in the south-east of the country. The Aroresa washing mill is supported by Testi Coffee, who deals with exporting of the station's harvest. Testi also provides the station with support and quality control while striving for premium quality from the local producers. They have set up the Premium Cherry Selection Program, paying premium prices to farms that produce superb cherries.

Each day, carefully hand-picked coffee cherries are delivered to the wet mill and are meticulously hand-sorted prior to processing to remove unripe, overripe, or damaged fruit, The coffee is then graded by weight and spread evenly on raised African beds to dry in the sun for 15-18 days. Initially cherries are laid very thin and turned regularly to ensure consistent drying and prevent over-fermentation. When the coffee has reached 25% moisture the layers of coffee are gradually increased. Careful attention and control during this phase ensures the coffee is stable and that a clean and balanced cup profile is achieved.

Once the coffee reaches the optimum moisture level it is hulled and rested in bags in parchment until it is ready for export.



ELEVATION: 1900 - 2000