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Bolivia Las Alasitas Washed Geisha



Wholebean or Ground for..

This Geisha micro-lot comes from Las Alasitas farm, owned by the Rodriguez family. It lies on a lush, steep mountain valley outside of the town of Caranavi. Pedro Rodriguez and his family began to invest in their own plantations in 2012, foreseeing the challenges of the Bolivian coffee industry and the fear that coffee production would be severely impacted.

At Las Alasitas, Pedro hires pickers from the Villa Rosario community to carefully handpick the coffee during the harvest. These pickers are trained to select only the very ripest cherries, and multiple passes are made throughout the season to ensure coffee is picked at its prime.

this geisha was processed with a strong influence from the wine industry and the results are demonstrated in the impeccable cup quality. For the farm’s special varieties, the family uses special blue aerated crates to collect and transport the cherries. After being picked and weighed, the coffee cherries are pulped and then fermented in a sealed, anaerobic tank. The coffee is then laid out to dry on raised beds and regularly turned for up to 48hrs, before being finished in a mechanical dryer for around 35hrs below 40˚C. It then rests for five hours in a silo and then is carefully dried.



ELEVATION: 1600 - 1650