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Brazil Fazenda Espigao Espresso



Wholebean or Ground for..

The history of the producer Gil César de Melo in the coffee industry began with his grandfather, who was a coffee grower in Campos Altos. In 1995, Gil planted his first six hectares and, since then, has expanded the areas, always seeking to invest in quality.

Since then, Gil has grown the farm to 138 hectares of coffee plantations in a prime location in Campos Altos. The farm is separated by tree varietal, age and micro-climate. Proceeds are invested back into the farm, into a local school, and into an experimental plot with 17 new varietals solely for research.

Gil values and respects every forest area around his farms and encourages employees to preserve the environment. The coffees from Fazenda Espigão, undertake a rigorous process of quality, from the initial stages of the production in the crops, through the processing, until the preparation of the lots in the post-harvest, resulting in coffee of extremely high quality.

The cherry for this coffee was formed into a ‘volcano’ shaped pile on the patio, allowing them to ferment in the hot ambient temperature of the day. The shape of the pile allowed air to breeze through it, resulting in an aerobic style fermentation to occur. This combination of perfect weather conditions and controlled aerobic fermentation constructs the wild and delicious flavours in the cup.



ELEVATION: 1000-1200