Urrao Filter

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Urrao Filter

$19.00 - $62.00

This coffee was grown and processed by twelve smallholder producers in Urrao;

Alexandar Zapata Jr., Alexandar Zapata, Arsenio Moreno, Eduardo Vargas, Gustavo Hernandez, Jairo Zapata, Luis Alvaro, Juan Moreno, Dionisio Vargas, Yessica Moreno and Luis Montoya.

Urrao is covered in rolling green hills, calm pastures and beautiful rivers that snake through the landscape. This geography guarantees cool temperatures year-round, typically only reaching between 12-25 degrees. This cool climate is ideal for the slow ripening of coffee cherries, leading to denser beans and a sweeter, more complex cup.

The coffees in this lot were selectively hand-harvested, with most labour being provided by the farmers and their families. They were processed with an extended fermentation, as part of the washing method, at each farm’s ‘micro-beneficio’.

The coffee was pulped using a small manual or electric pulper and then placed into a fermentation tank. Because of the cooler climate in Urrao, producers tend to ferment the coffees for longer than usual and will often blend several days’ worth of pickings over a 3-5 day period. Every day, freshly picked cherry is pulped and added to the mix, which lowers the pH level and – along with the cooler temperatures – allows for an extended fermentation process.

Following fermentation, the coffee is washed using clean water from the Rio Penderisco and then carefully sun-dried over 10–18 days. Most farmers use the “Casa Elba” system for drying, where parchment is laid out to dry on rooftop patios (usually on top of the farmhouse). A retractable roof on a pulley system can be pulled over the coffee to protect it during rainy weather or to slow down the drying process when it is very hot and sunny. Rakes are used to turn the coffee regularly during the drying stage, to ensure even drying.

(For ground coffee requests, please leave a message specifying brewing method at checkout summary.)

process Washed
region Colombia, Urrao, Antioquia
masl 1900-2100
varietal Caturra
cup Plum, citrus, raisin & sugarcane
roast Filter
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