Australian Brewers Cup 2024 Coffee - Tom's Brewing Method

Australian Brewers Cup 2024 Coffee - Tom's Brewing Method

The El Diviso ‘Ombligon’ ‘Floral Symphony’ is the main component of the competition blend Tom Hutchins used to win the ASCA Australian Brewers Cup title, for the second year running. 

Tom selected this coffee for its floral confectionary aroma, intensity, and sweetness. When selecting competition coffees the main components Tom searches for are, “clarity and balance of desirable flavors, (like berries, candy, florals), and a hook. A hook is something fresh, something new, something special”.

Behind the coffee, El Diviso forms part of a collective of producer friends comprising of Zarza, El Diviso and Las Flores. In 2023, Tom also used coffee from Las Flores (Chiroso) to win the Australian Brewers Cup. We love working with this group of talented producers. 

Tom’s Ombligon Brewing Method:



1zpresso zp6 hand grinder at 5.25 or 1000 microns ‘Coarse’


Brewing Equipment:

Hario Metal V60

Abaca filter papers 

Hario drip assist - modified with a 3D printed stabilisation ring, (custom by @mugshot_studio in collaboration with Tom)

Fellow kettles  

Acaia ‘Pearl’ scales 


Method and Prep:

Brew Ratio - 1:16  

18.7gram dose, (10 grams Ombligon, 8.7 grams Panama Janson Gesha Lot 130 Natural

Total water - 300 grams

Custom-remineralised water (80ppm)

Kettle 1: 93°C

Kettle 2: 88°C

Pattern - Drip assist

1st Pour (Kettle 1) - 50 grams

2nd Pour (Kettle 1 & 2 simultaneously) - 150 grams (Scale reads 200 grams)

3rd Pour (Kettle 2) - 100 grams (Scale reads 300 grams)


Happy brewing everyone!

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