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Ready to level up your workplace with coffee to impress? We’ve made it easy to keep the crew buzzing and happily caffeinated with freshly roasted and delicious coffee. We deliver the good stuff to workplaces of all makes, shapes and sizes.

Increase quantities, change coffee, or pause over holiday breaks. Select the next delivery date that works for you through a self-managed portal.


Why Subscribe to Office Coffee?


  • Free Aus Shipping and an exclusive 20% off Subscription coffee
  • Low minimum of 2kg per fortnight
  • Change, skip, or pause your order at any time through your self-managed account
  • Pay-as-you-go with no minimum terms or commitments.

      Coffee Available


      Subscriptions start from 2kg and all the favourites are available. Our signature 3056 espresso blend with its slick malty profile, or for those looking for something stronger, the Ex-Wife blend has both strength and elegance with its dark chocolate and caramel flavour.

      Our Seasonal blend consists of a constantly changing combination of exceptional coffees for those who prefer something fruity and bright.

      For the single origin fanatics, our Roasters Choice Single Origin Filter and Espresso subscription means you will receive a line-up of the best seasonal filter offerings, hand selected by our Head Roaster. The best way to keep up with the latest specialty offerings.


      Ground Coffee


      Choose whole beans if your workplace has a grinder, or select a ground option to keep things simple for the team. We grind all coffee to order to suit how your team likes it, from espresso and plunger to pour over (for those extra special colleagues).




      Coffee will be shipped every two weeks to make sure you're never caught short.



      To set up your subscription select your chosen coffee or coffees from the below and follow the easy checkout process.


      Looking to improve your espresso setup? We have a range of machinery and grinder options available to get you brewing your best. Send us an email at for more information.


      Check out our FAQs or send us an email at with any other questions.

      Subscription FAQs