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Brew Code Black Coffee

Code Black is about buying, roasting, and brewing the best coffee possible. The best coffee goes through multiple layers of quality control and meticulous detail. These are the coffees we want to help you share.

Coffee can be many things to many people, it can be a morning “pick me up”, a saviour for studying, something to bond over, or simple the most delicious beverage in the world. Let us help you share this with your clientele.

We Can Help

Every batch, every roast we create goes through our meticulous quality control procedures to ensure you get the best product possible, and you’re brewing to your highest potential.

Offering the highest level of training at our Brunswick HQ or on site, we build knowledge in all aspects of coffee making, from introduction to coffee, coffee and milk science, palate development and understanding the role organic acids play in coffee.

Here from the Beginning

Cafe life can be challenging. Whether it’s finding the right equipment, bar layout or matching you with the right coffee, we’ve done it all. Let us help you streamline your business from the beginning.

We build and maintain lasting relationships and we pride ourselves on delivering high end customer service without exception... and with quality coffee.

24/7 Service

No matter the problem, we will always find a solution and get you back to brewing the good stuff.