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Colombia Cerro Azul Washed Geisha



Wholebean or Ground for..

‘Cerro azul’ is the most famous of the five farms owned by Rigoberto Herrera and his brother Luis. They run a family business as third generation coffee producers, with Cafe Granja La Esperanza established almost a century ago by their grandparents. Years of varietal cultivation and experimental processing has produced season after season of competition winning cup profiles.

This rare Geisha was grown on an elevated foothill of the Colombian Western mountain range. Superb climates and rich volcanic soils contribute to the depth and complexity of this exotic varietal, and contribute to an elegant cup profile. Due to Cerro Azul’s proximity to the equator and location, bushes are multi-flowering and the cherries they produce reach optimum levels of sugar.

This is a washed Geisha, with delicate, clean and aromatic characteristics. It is fully washed and mechanically dried.

Cerro Azul terroir has altitude between 1500-2000m, catering to temperatures between 15-21 degrees. Volcanic soil allow the coffee plants on this farm to thrive, and this farm is constantly producing geisha lots throughout the year. Sustainable practises are intrinsic to Granja La Esperanza’s business philosophy and the hyper-productivity of this farm is proof of this.



ELEVATION: 1700 - 2000