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How to Make Espresso at Home

How to Brew Espresso


Learning how to make espresso at home takes a little practice and experimentation, but that's half the fun! It's a chance to refine your skills and discover the perfect shot tailored to your taste buds. Grind size, weight, and brewing time are the holy trinity of espresso, and you'll likely need to adjust these elements a few times before achieving that perfectly "dialed in" shot.

A fresh coffee subscription can be a great partner on this espresso adventure. With access to diverse, high-quality beans delivered to your door, you can explore how different origins and roasts impact the final espresso flavour. Experimenting becomes even more enjoyable when you have a variety of delicious beans at your fingertips!

BLEND (ratio 1:2): Dose 20g / Yield 42-45g
TIME: 27– 32 seconds

  1. Remove portafilter.
  2. Flush group head.
  3. Knock out old coffee puck from portafilter.
  4. Wipe and dry basket to remove water and residual grounds.
  5. Grind coffee on demand and adjust to correct dose of 20g.
  6. Distribute the coffee evenly in the basket using the tapping method.
  7. Tamp coffee, creating a level and even surface.
  8. Wipe away loose grinds from the portafilter (If manual extraction, weigh and tare out a cup on a small scale on the drip tray).
  9. Lock the portafilter in place and start extraction immediately, when this stage is prolonged it aids in the oxidation process and makes the coffee go stale very quickly.
  10. Watch extraction to see if there's any problems e.g. channeling or if drips are coming out of one side of the spout. If weighing the shot on scales, stop your shot around 4-6 grams before the desired yield as the remaining drips will make up the rest of the yield.
  11. Check the time of extraction and see if it’s within the time frame.

Note: All espresso blends and single origins will have an ideal recipe. Check the product page on our website for brew recommendations.




Mastering espresso brewing opens a world of coffee possibilities! If you crave a simpler approach, check out our guide on "How to Make Stovetop Coffee". In the mood for a lighter cup? Our "How to Brew Hario V60" guide has you covered.

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