Stovetop Brew Guide

How to make stovetop coffee

How to make perfect Stove Top Coffee

Learn to make amazing, espresso-style coffee in a moka pot.

COFFEE 15g (for a 3 cup stovetop)
WATER 120ml

1. Fill the bottom chamber of the stovetop brewer, just under the valve with filtered water, using 120g for the 3 cup size.
2. Place the metal filter over the base and fill it with 15g fine-medium ground coffee.
3. Place the top chamber back and put the stovetop over the heating element.
4. Allow the stovetop to boil until all the water has passed through the coffee from the bottom chamber.
5. Turn off the element and decant the coffee in your favourite cup.
*The coffee is intense and high in concentration of flavours, this gives you the opportunity to dilute it with hot water or milk/milk alternative to your desired taste.

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