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Costa Rica Cordillera De Fuego 'Termico'



Wholebean or Ground for..

Luis Campos is the owner and founder of the mill ‘Cordillera de Fuego’ or ‘Mountain of fire’. Purchasing small lots of cherry from local farmers, Luis experiments with alternative wet processes. He is well known as the inventor of the Anaerobic processing technique in Costa Rica.

Luis began his career in coffee in the mid 80’s as an agronomic engineer. Around 2004 Luis decided to purchase his own mill and took an interest in the way fermentation behaved without oxygen and the addition of pressure and temperature control in coffee.

He began investigations into anaerobic processing and released his first commercially available lot in 2006/2007. His method of processing begins by using stainless steel pressurised tanks as holding vessels for the cherry. Over time the flavours from the coffee mucilage penetrate the beans within. This balance of pressure, temperature and time produce wild and interesting flavours such as the renowned ‘cinnamon’ note. This lot has been exposed to a hot or ‘Termico’ fermentation process in reference to the fermentation temperature the cherry undergoes which builds up the malic and lactic acids. This lifts the complexity and imparts a greater aspect of fruit character in the cup profile.

Luis has continued to experiment with different coffee processing methods such as adding natural, honeys, and washed processed coffee. He continues to work together with growers to ensure sustainable practices are utilised at origin, such as soil conservation and water source protection.



ELEVATION: 1600 - 1750